Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Taking Responsibility-What Works for you.

We are in a world in which if we don’t take control of our life and start acting on our initiatives, I hope you know the rest of the story.

Is this the world in which you’re looking to bring your kids in, the world in which they have a world guide, No Tour, a guide, where their ideas are instantly shut down because they believe it is not normal to do things on their own.

All of this is being related to you, I just used your kids as examples.
Eventually you end up a normal person, okay, that’s funny because what I want to know is your definition of normal, is a normal person, someone that lives a life of 9-5, and other set structures.

The thing is that I determine my definition of normal, what happens to each of us always proclaiming that”i’m special” kmt. You’re special my ass, you and I you know you’re just like everyone else, ok, really think about it.
Or you’re Please, it’s so hilarious, the thing actually is, we both know, you don’t have a mind of your own; your facts and thinking are based around everyone’s opinion.

You actually don’t have a fact based on your thinking and processing.
Now, wait, I didn’t say you should discard other people’s opinions; all I want you to do is use your head to come to your own conclusion that makes sense to you, even if it’s wrong.
Because then you can look at other opinions and say “oh I’m wrong, or so that is what it is”

Is your life anything you want it to be? Have you actually made a decision that you want?

The reality is that we end up blaming others for our short comes, trust me, I have had my dose of this aswell, especially blaming our parents, you need to SHUT YOUR MOUTH, YOUR PARENTS WERE BORN 40-50 YEARS AGO YOU IGNORANT CHILD, WHICH MEANS THEY ARE ALSO LEARNING HOW TO ADAPT TO THE SPEED OF THIS MODERN TECHNOLOGY, GROWTH AND ADVANCEMENTS. The reality is YOU have no one to blame but yourself.

You really don’t get it do you, do you understand that we are all different in the tiniest ways possible and it is our responsibility to show people that TINY part of us, the part differentiates us from others, the same differentiation that SEPERATES painters, singers etc.

If others don’t disagree with your opinions, if people don’t question your motives or criticise, then mate you’re far from unique, because really all you’re doing, is to trying to please them, I’m not even going to go deeper into at this moment, that’s for another time.
I dint say disagree for the fun of it or just ignorance.

You need to take responsibility for yourself and your actions, unless you will be stuck in their state of mind that, someone is responsible for what is going on in your life.
E.G. You’re in the university studying a course that you have failed countless amount of time and after all your hard-work , you blame your teacher for giving the wrong info, or the board for making the questions too hard, you fail to think to yourself that just maybe, you’re just not good at the course you’re studying, or maybe you need to work harder and have the never give up spirit, but at the end of the day, you need to make a decision whether to keep lying to yourself that it’s the teachers or the board, or maybe you just need to work harder and pass the exams.

BREAKING NEWS.........You’re Responsible for your actions.

So I urge you to start to make these decisions, these crucial decisions in making our first steps towards finding our hidden potential, these first steps that can change the course of your lives.
And until you accept this, will you live life to its fullest, one else can do this for us.

We choose our path in life and how we respond to everything that happens to us.
I hope this can make you start taking the first steps to chase your dreams and realize that anything in life is possible, if you believe in yourself and your idea, vision through hard-work and perseverance.
The most creative minds are the ones that think of what should be, rather than what it is.

Don’t Crucify yourself in false beliefs that you can’t, as I said in the last post, Y shouldn’t you be saying, “I can do it”.
Don’t let others opinions hold you back from having the life you want or pursue your dreams.

I am going to leave you this at this moment, give you time to digest this and hope you can concentrate in ways in taking your first steps.
Don’t forget to keep reading the Book of last week, Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”
I was just thinking about whom my first interviewee will be, and I have come to a conclusion that it cannot be anyone else that my good friend, David Telfer.
In the upcoming days, I will be doing an interview on David Telfer.
But I have left you with a video below; it shows that when you take responsibility and start using your mind, you will be indulging into a pool of ideas.

It doesn’t matter how old, short, tall, background etc, you can do, and yes “I can do it”, that should be your new motto.

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