Monday, 16 February 2009

The First Steps:

The First Steps:
First steps are crucial, our first steps in learning how to walk, speak, read, write, run, and dance.
We didn’t just get up one day and started jumping, we started by crawling, then walking, and they after mastering the balance of how body with our two feet, we started running and then jumping. If you just started running, without these procedures as a baby I would be interested in knowing your story.

After reading couple books of some young entrepreneurs, I realised something that puts many of us off starting something different, something unique is rejection, but these entrepreneurs realised It takes determination and perseverance to succeed, and not just the idea.

You need to ask yourself these questions quickly
Did any of the people that discouraged you not to follow your ambition,
Will any of them ever take risks?
Start up a business?
Pursue their passion
Or are they just too scared?

why are listening to someone that will take a 9-5 over starting something dynamic, something new, something different, something that can change the course of your life, or the world.

You might feel they are trying to protect you, but I say they are trying to slow you down, they prefer you to be someone under control, rather than a person in control.

Don’t just let someone’s opinion change your course of life.

We realise that the world has somehow jumped ahead of most of us without realising and now we are panicking on what to do next.

Most of us have being given directions and structures in which how our lives must fit, structures in which we must live our lives around, that why I guess most of us are terrified when expected to make key decisions e.g. “when I leave the university, what am I going to do next”, because they realise that they don’t really have a clue what to do next, because for the first time in their life they have to make a decision that can shape the course of their future.
Of course, sometimes we end up making the right decision, but the point is that now we have to make that decision, the key decision, nothing after that is planned out.

We’ve always had plans set in front of us, first primary school, and then secondary school, the we do a-levels, and then we’re off to the university, without actually realising what we want to do.

I do believe structure is needed in every community and structure comes in terms of education and other community-related organisation.

Don’t get me wrong I do believe education is vital, but learning is more crucial, most of us skip our way through education, without learning anything and later, blame the government for not providing enough jobs, or blame our bosses for not treating us well, or blame the job itself, I just find this very interesting.

I believe that the era of self-education is re-investing itself.

Most people prefer to stay in the comfort zone, because they are scared about what will happen if they pursue their dreams, I am not saying make rash decisions, without thinking about it.

But don’t wake-up in regrets, when you realise one morning on your way to work, someone has perfected the idea you were to scared to pursue.

You need to understand that nothing is guaranteed in life any more, I hope people can see from this recession, that jobs are far from guaranteed, so don’t come with your same sentence, that you just want to get a good job and start a family, that really does make me feel sick.


If you’re not ready to wake up, leave this page as soon as possible, because the pace in which the world is moving, YOU will be left completely stagnant.

In the wake of recession, hopefully people could start thinking out of the box and start implementing their ideas, instead of looking for the next job seeker allowance, why can’t we say “he went to the same school as me, he was in my class, he lived on my street, and I can do it”

This is your time to search within yourself, get to know yourself.

For today, I am going to leave you to read one of my favourite books of all time; it is nothing other than the inspirational book by Robert kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

If you have questions on the book, on the discussions, or you want a copy of this book or the audio, let me know on the comment box below

Watch the Video below and I hope it shows that you are capable of a lot more, and now is the time to start taking the first steps.

If you’re an up and coming Start-up Company or established and would want to be interviewed, get in touch with me.

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