Friday, 27 February 2009

The Entrepreneurial mindset.

The Mindset is your preparation into the world of entrepreneurship, as I have said too much time; it all starts in the mind.

If your mind is not prepared, then it needs developing, start reading books, or listening to audios or exposing your mind to different things, but be careful not to take others opinions as your facts.

Challenge your mind, challenge yourself.
Your mindset is what gives you a different approach to life, it makes you understand that you can be great rather than settle to be okay.

It enables you to constantly try to better yourself, progress that is what it is called.

The Mindset is so dangerous, we do not know how powerful we are when we have our minds set on things that matter, we are unstoppable, and why have your mind set on things that don’t matter, things that are irrelevant, things you do without no knowledge, instead chase things that will define your life.

Think outside the Box, not just within the Box, open your mind, and lets thoughts create meaning to your brain.

The Thing is that I understand why a lot of people don’t question things, they just do, because it’s easier, they rather be followers, COME ON!! LET’S BE REAL, THINKING IS HARD, like just BRAINSTORMING IS A KILLER, It deserves the Title.

But you need to understand from when you let someone think for you, or create your mindset, then you’re SLAVE, YOU’RE NOT FREE!!

Don’t be afraid to be outside the so-called safety zone. To succeed in any business undertaking, one must not be afraid of these risks. Let that be your mentality, your mindset.

However, don't take risks blindly; you must be able to calculate them. By properly calculating the risks, you can determine if the risks are worth taking or not.

The pace of economic change is accelerating, driven by inventions, process improvements, and our perpetual quest for better, faster, cheaper GOODS AND SERVICES.

Which means you need to start, right now, and begin to develop your mind, you need to start, it is worth it, actually you might just be cool living your Life as it is right now. BOOO YOU.

"The entrepreneurial mind-set transcends the confines of family and tradition, opening individuals up to modern styles of consciousness and securing them a place in modern industrial society" (Brigitte Berger in Spinosa, Flores, Dreyfus, 1997, p.57)

In this world of uncertainty, your mindset should be:

Take control. If nobody knows the future and what it holds, then the future might has well belong to you.

You can change the future; you can change your future. Your vision of how to navigate it is as good as anyone's.

And don’t forget that you’re still young, at least kind of young I guess most of us,

you need to start to develop yourself, and I mean work on yourself, none of that CRAP YOU BEEN DOING LATELY LIEING TO YOURSELF, THAT YOU’RE LEARNING.
Take advantage of your youth. Being young, you can come up with lots of new, unexplored ideas to start a successful business.

If you look back, most of the biggest companies right now, began when there was nothing else like it. That’s why they are untouchable e.g. the Bill gates and Rupert Murdock’s; they beat the competition to it!

Find your perfect niche, the possibilities for growths, and advancement, are endless. Further, even when competition comes knocking, you will already have the experience that they don’t, and a solid customer base, whose trust you have earned.

Get yourself into the right frame of Mind, your Mindset is powerful.
I hope this word of encouragement on the mindset of the aspiring entrepreneurs inspires us.

I am going to change the book which I have told you to read for these couple of weeks, now I want us to turn our focus to nothing less than the great book by Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”, As I always say if you need it in the pdf format or the audio, do not hesitate to contact me, or if you have any questions in relations to the book or the topic in general.

Also, I hope the video below gives you some kind of strength and motivation to keep pushing harder.

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